Want new but need something quicker?

Do you love the thought of something new, but don't love the thought of going through the process of building?  Maybe your house sold faster than you thought, and you need something now.  Maybe you want to take advantage of the RECORD LOW interest rates in todays market.  Maybe you just can't stand the thought of being stuck in your home that is no longer working for you and your family for one more day.  


We've got you covered!  We have move-in ready spec homes throughout the Richmond area.


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Why buy a move-in ready NEW home, versus a used home?


  • New homes are built with the latest building codes and safety regulations.  They are built with industry standards in energy efficiency, technology, and building practices.
  • Even a 5-10 year old home will cost more each month in energy bills, than a new home built with today's standards.
  • Outdated home appliances, HVAC units, and water heaters may require replacement or repairs, costing thousands of dollars.  Buying a move-in ready NEW home means you have a home warranty and peace of mind.
  • Your move-in ready Shurm Home is a chance for you to start fresh with a home that works for you, not a home that didn't work for somebody else.
  • Interest rates are at RECORD LOWS!  Buying a move-in ready home allows you to lock in your rate with one of our Preferred Lenders and save big time!

Want to learn more about any of our move-in ready homes, or about building in one of our communities?  Fill out your information below, or contact Jennifer at sales@shurmhomes.com.