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How to be the “Hostess with the Mostest” This Holiday Season!

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and food! For some families, this is the only time of the year that they will have all of their family under one roof, so it is safe to say that it is one of the most important times of the year for many households. However, along with the cheer and excitement that accompany the grand events, stress can pry its way into the days and weeks prior to hosting. As a family-owned company, we care about the gathering aspect of the holiday season here at Shurm Homes. We want to make sure that your energy and focus can be on your time with loved ones, rather than worrying about preparation. We have compiled a list of suggestions and reminders to help you ease into the holidays! Organize the Food: How much pie is too much pie? You may find out if you skip this step! If your guests are all bringing dishes to the meal, you may want to set up a system for assigning dishes. You, as the host, can either do this on your own by reaching out to guests individually… OR you can use a program such as Sign-Up Genius. You can put all of the food items into the program and send a link to your guests. This serves two great purposes: 1.) It allows you to make sure all food items will be present at the meal 2.) It allows your guests to see what food items have already been chosen by someone else, so you don’t have too many of the same items. Don’t forget that some of your guests may have dietary restrictions! Ask this in advance so that you are inclusive as possible—No one wants to only eat salad at a holiday feast! Clean That Kitchen: One thing that throws a lot of people off when it comes to hosting a big family meal, is just how jam-packed your kitchen will be with people and food. When you clean and organize your kitchen in preparation for a large gathering, make sure that you are cleaning every surface with a disinfectant. Every inch of your available counter and island space may be used to hold food. Make sure your normal counter décor, and unnecessary appliances are off of your counter and put away in a space that will not disrupt your meal preparation. Make sure that all cookware that may be needed is cleaned, and in a convenient location. Wash and dry all of your dishes prior to hosting—Your sink will be full by the end of the day, so create the space now! Make sure that you sweep and mop a day prior, so that your floor is safe and not slippery! Make a Plan for the Food: Cooking takes time. Make sure that you make the most of your kitchen appliances by planning the order of dishes and cooking! If you built a home with us, you may remember speaking to our Designer about appliance packages. Did you take advantage of our convection microwaves, or our double ovens? Now is the time to put them to use! Prior to beginning the cooking process, make sure that you have a plan of action for which ovens and microwaves to use, and when. A double-oven can allow you to cook a large item like turkey or ham all day, while simultaneously cooking the sides. A convection microwave, paired with the double oven, can be a great help in warming and heating the food as you set the table! Cooking is already a time-consuming and attention-consuming process without the added element of scheduling the food preparation as you go. Some items like crock-pot recipes, turkey and ham will likely take longer to cook. Make sure that you are well-aware of how much time each item you need to make will take. Get ahead of the undue stress by mapping out your cooking ahead of time. Create Your Gathering Space: Make sure you have your space set aside for your guests to eat. Whether you already have a table for dinner, or you need to set one up, you don’t want to make decisions about your gathering-place at the last minute. Due to high-demand, you may find it difficult to find foldable chairs and tables close to the holiday season. Everyone who forgot to plan beforehand will be scorching the earth to find those last available sets of tables and chairs. Don’t leave any room for worry—plan your space ahead of time! Create the Boundaries That You Need: The last piece of advice that we have may seem obvious, but it is extremely important, and isn’t always easy. You are inviting your friends and family into YOUR space. A home is a very special place, and your family and friends should respect that. Since you are hosting, if you need your friends and family to wait until a certain time to come over, or safely leave at a certain time, make sure to create a clear boundary ahead of time so that everyone knows the plan. You want to have the best time possible, and that can not be done if you feel uncomfortable. It is best, and easiest to set the expectation early. So, whether your holiday is going to happen in a small window, or is going to run from sun-up to sun-down, make sure you let everyone know the plan! If you find yourself hoping to change something about your space to enhance your hosting experience next year, now is the perfect time to start talking to someone at Shurm Homes about building in time for next years’ celebration! Whether you host this year and want more counterspace, better appliances, or more outdoor space, OR if you are a guest with aspirations of having a place to host at next year, Shurm Homes can help you create the space of your dreams! From everyone here at Shurm Homes, have a happy, healthy and safe Holiday Season!

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Parade of Homes 2022 - Be Inspired

The timeless beauty and incomparable quality of Shurm Homes is evident in our models. Take a look! Dispatch Station Model 1491 Dispatch Station Rd, Quinton, VA 23141 Private wooded homesites Minutes from Quinton Community Park Small town charm with modern amenities Riva Ridge Model 13350 Riva Ct, Ashland, VA 23005 Quiet and peaceful surroundings Large homesites for horses to roam freely Close to everything you want and need Explore new home communities and quick move-in homes throughout the Richmond area from the $300’s Shurm Homes, where passion comes to life.

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Want new but need something quicker?

Do you love the thought of something new, but don't love the thought of going through the process of building? Maybe your house sold faster than you thought, and you need something now. Maybe you want to take advantage of the RECORD LOW interest rates in todays market. Maybe you just can't stand the thought of being stuck in your home that is no longer working for you and your family for one more day. We've got you covered! We have move-in ready spec homes throughout the Richmond area. Why buy a move-in ready NEW home, versus a used home? New homes are built with the latest building codes and safety regulations. They are built with industry standards in energy efficiency, technology, and building practices. Even a 5-10 year old home will cost more each month in energy bills, than a new home built with today's standards. Outdated home appliances, HVAC units, and water heaters may require replacement or repairs, costing thousands of dollars. Buying a move-in ready NEW home means you have a home warranty and peace of mind. Your move-in ready Shurm Home is a chance for you to start fresh with a home that works for you, not a home that didn't work for somebody else. Interest rates are at RECORD LOWS! Buying a move-in ready home allows you to lock in your rate with one of our Preferred Lenders and save big time! Want to learn more about any of our move-in ready homes, or about building in one of our communities? Fill out your information below, or contact Jennifer at

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