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Start Your New Year With Some Self-Care!

Neglecting ourselves and our mental health is something that we are leaving in the year 2022! Especially with the holidays wrapping up, you deserve to take some time for yourself in the new year. In the throws of the holiday season, sometimes it is hard to slow down and spend that time focusing on your physical and mental health, but you can not water anyone else’s grass with an empty well. The same way that we are instructed to “Put the mask on yourself before assisting others” during an airline flight emergency, we need to always remember that recharging our batteries is a NEED, not just a want. Self-Care doesn’t have to be lavish and time-consuming. It only needs to be intentional and fulfilling. Yes, a spa day or a vacation are a FANTASTIC way to practice self-care, but we should not limit relaxation and peace to a few times a year, or month. There are plenty of ways to recharge on a day-to-day basis. What are the things that bring you joy, that put you at the center of focus? What are your hobbies? What are some meals that you love, but you don’t get to enjoy as much as you would like? What is an activity around the house that you really like doing? What are some local places you have been wanting to check out, but have not yet? In the last few years, I have been really focused on getting rid of the guilt and the feeling of sacrifice that can be associated with spending my time and energy on me, and I am here to help you do the same! STEP ONE: Romanticize Your Life I know this sounds silly, but think about yourself as the main character of your life’s story! Invest your interest in rooting for yourself! Have you ever felt connected to a character in a television show, or a book, that you find yourself crossing your fingers for their good fortune? It is time to look at yourself the same way! Become your own cheerleader! Start looking at even the little mundane tasks that you do in your day-to-day life, and thinking “How could I make myself feel like a superstar doing this?” Sometimes it is as simple as drinking your orange juice out of a fancy glass in the morning, getting your car detailed so that you feel like you’re driving around a brand new car while running errands, or adding a few drops of essential oils in the shower to make it feel more like a spa. Take a moment to think about ways that you could possibly elevate your daily routine in a way that makes you feel like a celebrity! A study performed by the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that “Even 20 minutes a week of household cleaning reduces feelings of stress and reduces the risk of psychological difficulties.” There is a pressure that we can subconsciously put on ourselves when we are surrounded by clutter. Your environment can often feel like a reflection of your life, and when it is messy, it can cause an anxiety. Whether it is doing a load of laundry, finishing the dishes, making your bed, or wiping down the countertops, cleaning projects (small or large) can have an extremely positive effect on your mood! Being in a clean space, makes it easier to relax, since your mind will not wander to the list in your head of things that you still need to get done. If you are interested in learning more about how to organize your space, do not forget to keep up with our blog, and keep an eye out for our blog post about organizing your space! Most importantly, don’t forget to implement Step 1 during the cleaning process. Light a candle, put on your favorite music or television show in the background, and remind yourself as you are cleaning, that you are not doing it as a chore—you are doing it for YOURSELF! STEP 3: Find and Do a Hobby That Makes You Happy Do you have a hobby that you wish you had more time for? Do you have an interest in a hobby that you would like to explore, if you had more time? It is time to make time! Whether you love to read, quilt, scrapbook, play or listen to music, garden, work out, catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite television show, take your dog to the dog park, or whatever else it is that you love to do/have been itching to do, carve out the space in your schedule to do those things! Make it an event for yourself. Put in your headphones, sip on your favorite drink, and do those things that make you happy! STEP 4: Get Outside The fresh air and sunshine can be absolutely mood-stabilizing. Even taking a few minutes out of the day to walk down the street and back can influence your mood. If you are struggling to fit time outside into your schedule, try to incorporate being outside into an activity that you are already planning on doing. Take that long phone call with the bank outside while you take a walk, take your laptop onto the front porch or back deck if you need to do something on the computer, eat your lunch outside. Any way that you can add even TEN minutes of outside time to your day, is a win! STEP 5: Treat Yourself While most of these suggestions are small ways to practice self-care, I would still like to challenge you to take 2 days out of this year and have a “ME DAY.” On this day you will schedule a massage or hair appointment. Or maybe, you will take a day trip to a museum or aquarium that you have been wanting to visit. Perhaps, you spend this day shopping around for a couple of things that you WANT but might not necessarily NEED. Use those holiday giftcards, and call in that babysitting offer from your parents, and do something you and your spouse have been wanting to do for date night. YOU DESERVE IT!

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Weekend fun for the active family near two of our favorite communities!

This weekend our Director of Sales and Marketing, Jennifer Jinnette, set out to explore some of the best activities for the active family in and around two of our communities. First up was Pocahontas State Park, which is located less than 10 miles from Pennwood Estates, now selling its final phase. It was a beautiful day for kayaking, so my family and I loaded up our kayaks and drove out to this 12.68 square mile State Park. We happened to go on free parking day, but parking normally is around $7. While there are a multitude of activities to enjoy in Pocahontas State Park, on this day we focused solely on kayaking. You can bring your own kayaks or rent them there, as well as paddle boats. The sky was blue and the air was fresh and clean. We saw wildlife such as cranes, egrets, and fish jumping out of the water, plus a multitude of various size turtles sunning themselves on this gorgeous day. There’s plenty to do at Pocahontas State Park for the avid fisher, biker, hiker, runner, and so much more. While closed for the season, the pool looked like a lot of fun featuring large slides. The restroom facilities were clean and the park was well marked. We will definitely be back to explore this park more! On Sunday, we spent the afternoon enjoying one of Brickshires' many amenities, golf! Plenty of people, from right here in our community or from Richmond and Williamsburg and beyond come to Providence Forge to play a round on our award winning Curtis Strange designed course. One of the great things about living in Brickshire is ALL of the amenities right at your doorstep, including golf for those who want to play! On this particular day we only played 9 holes, but you can play 9, 18, 27 or 36! You will find residents forming their own tournaments and comradery forged by neighbors who become friends. When you're done playing golf, come to the clubhouse for a nice dinner, enjoy live music on the lawn Friday nights, or just a quiet night at home on one of our peaceful homesites. For more information on these communities, or any of our Richmond area developments, visit our website -

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Fall in love with Chesterfield...

FALL is upon us, and Chesterfield is buzzing with activities in and around the area that you and your family can participate in this Autumn to celebrate! Shurm Homes has found some of the most fun things that you can do in this fall after nestling into your new home in the highly-sought-after community of Pennwood Estates! 1.) Visit the Berry Farm! Take a trip down Hull Street Road and visit the Chesterfield Berry Farm for a fun-filled day with the whole family! With an 8 acre “dino maze,” funzone, barrel train ride, wagon train ride, fun hat mazes, fun hay slides, pig races, animal corral, paintball target shoot, & corn cannons, there is so much to do! After you have experienced everything the CBF has to offer, take a hayride to pick out your favorite pumpkins and gourds! With many different admission packages and tickets available, there really is something for everyone! Check out their website to stay up-to-date on all of their events and learn how to get tickets! 2.) Take An Apple-Picking Trip In The Mountains! Pack up the car and head to Charlottesville for a day full of apple-picking and apple donuts, because Cater Mountain is THE PLACE TO BE in the fall! There is so much to do for the whole family, with food, ciders and beers, apple cider slushies, gorgeous mountain views, space for kids to run, and of course, miles and miles of apple orchards where you can pick many different types of apples! Visit their website to get more information about getting tickets— and don’t forget to clear up your camera space before you go for all of the fantastic photos you are going to take while you make memories with your family! 3.)Catch an Old Halloween Movie at the Byrd Theatre! In 1928, the Byrd Theatre opened its doors for the first time as a film-only venue in what is now known as Carytown in Richmond Virginia. It was viewed as an architectural masterpiece at the time, and still looks stunning today. Well into the 21st century the Byrd Theatre continues to be a Richmond staple. In October, the Byrd has a line-up of Halloween Movies on schedule. Since the Byrd is a one-screen movie venue with a small lobby, please bring a jacket. It is customary to wait outside for the movie time since there is not enough room in the lobby to house everyone waiting for entry. You can find movie times and ticket information on their website! For those who like the scarier side of the fall, the Byrd Theatre is known as one of the most haunted places in the city! 4.) Go To An Adults-Only Halloween Party! Many bars and restaurants have Halloween events, however if you are looking for a fun Adults-Only Costume party with live music and prizes, Uptown Alley’s “Boos and Brews” event is the place to be in Chesterfield. This is a 21+ party that will include indoor and outdoor bars, 2 live bands, and a Halloween costume contest with a $1,000 prize. This year, the event will take place Saturday, October 30th at 7pm! You can find more information about the event and how to get tickets on the event’s facebook page! 5.)Attend the Scott’s Addition Pumpkin Festival! Scott’s Addition is a popular place to head to on the weekend with its many breweries, cideries, and fun bars/restaurants for the entire family. On Saturday, October 16th the Scott’s Addition Pumpkin Festival will take place on Arthur Ashe Boulevard. This free-admission event includes live music, fall treats and food for sale, as well as beer from local breweries! There are even costume contests for kids, adults AND four-legged friends! Head over to the facebook page for the event for more information 6.) Head to the Botanical Gardens for the Harvest Fest! On Saturday, October 23rd from 9am- 9 pm and Sunday, October 24th from 9am-5pm, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens will be hosting their Harvest Fest. This 2-day event will have live music, adult beverages, food, and family-friendly activities. Whether you are watching the pumpkin-carving demonstration, building a Fairy House with fall materials, or even listening to “scary” stories, you are guaranteed to have a great time! Check out the event’s Facebook page for all the details! 7.) Experience the Richmond Folk Festival The Richmond Folk Festival is one of Richmond’s most popular events of the year! From October 8th-10th you can experience a wonderful celebration of music and culture with a whole line-up of performing artists! Bring a blanket, or even some chairs, and enjoy a showcase of talent and community. There is no cost of admission, but make sure that you bring some cash for beverages and YUMMY food! You can find information about the history of the festival, as well as the musical line-up on their website. There is nothing quite like the feeling of fall in the air, and we really hope that you now have some more events to add to your calendar! There is so much to do in the fall, but no matter what you plan on taking part in, please remember to be safe and have fun!

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