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"Summer Lovin'" Your Backyard!

With Summer fast-approaching, our calendars will soon be full of activities that bring us outside and into the sunshine! Going to the beach, soaking by the pool, amusement park trips, and more will consume some of our free time. However, it is equally as important to make sure that the time you spend in and around your own home is enjoyable during these hot months as well.                  At Shurm Homes, we have many different options available to help enhance your home and yard so that your enjoyment of the summer months is not limited to vacations and day trips! Our Designer will be able to help make your vision a reality during your design appointment—but here are a few ideas to help craft that vision, and get your Pinterest board started!   Add or Extend Your Patio A concrete patio is a simple, yet game-changing element for backyard entertainment!  Patios offer space away from the grass that is perfect for entertaining or just enjoying that summertime air. Imagine filling your patio with outdoor furniture, maybe even a firepit, and enjoying an icy beverage as the sun goes down. This is also the perfect area to place your grill for the summer cookouts! Some of our communities, such as Brickshire and even offer a patio as part of the included “Standard Features!”       Add a Deck or Screened-In Porch Decks and Porches are often some of the first things that come to mind when thinking about the enhancing the exterior use of a home. Here at Shurm Homes, you will find our hand-crafted decks and porches are the best place to enjoy some summer sun! With the right rugs, seating, and maybe even a television for those sunset baseball games, you will never want to leave! Our screened-in porches provide ultimate protection against bugs, with the screens running, not only AROUND the porch, but also UNDERNEATH—so there are no bugs crawling into your entertainment area! Whether you are listening to the kids playing in the back yard, enjoying some food, watching the game, or catching up with friends, your deck or screened-in porch just might be your new favorite place to “chill,” even when the weather is warm.   Create a Space for Cooking Outdoors As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and at Shurm Homes, we believe there is never too much love to go around! So why not add an additional kitchen outside! You will never have the fear of missing out on the fun being had at a party outside if you have an outdoor kitchen! Cooking in an outdoor kitchen makes cooking feel like a brand-new experience. Outdoor kitchens also bring a luxurious feel to the backyard that will wow your guests as you prepare a meal without needing to commute in and outside of the home.     Upgrade Your Driveway One of the most underrated features for outdoor entertainment is the driveway! Whether it’s shooting baskets, drawing with chalk, or riding on roller skates, a Paved Driveway can undoubtably provide a safer alternative for summer fun than playing in the street! Paved driveways allow for playing in the sprinklers without flooding the front yard, and a place for the adults to set up chairs and watch the kids play from the comfort of their property! There may even be options for you to extend the driveway for more space to play. Don’t let your driveway be a second thought when you are building your new home!     Bring the HEAT with an Outdoor Fireplace What is a summer without S’mores? Go no further than your own patio for the bon-fire treat when you build an outdoor fireplace on your new home! The ambiance of a fireplace on your patio will be unmatched, and you are sure to find yourself unwinding after a long day in the sun next to the crackling fire. It is the perfect embellishment on a hand-stamped patio that will take it to the next-level! This envy-worthy feature will have all of your friends talking!    

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Winter is coming!

It seems that the cold weather is coming in more like a dam-break and less like the trickle of a faucet this year! One day, we were choosing between shorts or jeans, and the next day we were digging our winter coats out of the back of our closets. As you prepare yourself and your family for the incoming cold-weather months, don’t forget to prepare you home as well! Yes, that is right— in the same way that we need to prepare ourselves for the Winter by getting out our gloves, hats, vitamin-C, heavy blankets and cozy socks; we need to prepare our homes for the changes they could go through due to those pesky winter temperatures. Here at Shurm Homes, we know that knowledge is power when it comes to home prep, and we have compiled some of the top tips to help you make sure your home is as safe and comfortable this Winter season as you are! Check Your Heating! This may seem like a “no-brainer,” but checking your heating before the cold weather sets in can be an absolute life-saver (LITERALLY!) Make sure that your home is up to the task of keeping your family warm and cozy. An HVAC inspection can insure that your home is venting properly. This can cut down your risk for Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Test Your Detectors! Make sure that you test your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors. Winter is the season that averages the most house fires per year! Of course, one of the goals of this list is to show you a few ways to avoid having those alarms sound, but we want you to be as prepared as possible in the case of emergency. If your detectors are beeping, it is likely time to change out those batteries. A new set of batteries before the winter months is never a bad idea! While you are in the mindset of checking your alarms, don’t forget to go over a family fire plan with your loved ones. Pick a meeting spot outside that you all know to gather at, and even do a fire drill to make sure everyone is up-to-date on fire safety information! Take a Look at Your Trees! Before the first snow of the season, take a moment to look at the trees that are surrounding your home. Look for any that look like they may be dying, fractured, or limbs that look particularly weak. When we think of snow, we often think of light, fluffy flakes. However, when snow piles onto the limbs of trees, it becomes very heavy. This, plus freezing temperatures can leave limbs weighed down by heavy, icy snow that can cause a break which may cause damage or injury. It is important to nip this problem in the bud (or “limb”) before such an issue occurs. Clean Your Gutters! Once the trees around your home are bare, it is time to clean out those gutters! During the fall, leaves… well… fall. This leaves your gutters packed with fallen leaves, leaving no room to do their job accurately. Water can sit on and between the leaves in your packed gutters and cause them to overflow. This leaves dripping water to fall down the sides of your home and cause deterioration the exterior of your home. Not to mention that overflowing water that freezes into icicles can be very dangerous! Don’t Forget About Your Pipes! Pipe bursts can be expensive and debilitating. It is so important to make sure that you are doing your due diligence to get ahead of the effect that winter weather can have on your pipes. Make sure that you drain all of your outdoor faucets. Sprinklers outside should also be blown out. You can have a professional come out and “winterize” your sprinkler system for you so that you can rest easy knowing it wont be a problem. On particularly chilly nights, when the weather is going to drop to or below freezing, it can be helpful to drip your faucets. Even the lightest movement of water through the pipes (a very slow, steady drip) can help keep the water from freezing in the pipes. It also will help to open the doors underneath your sinks to allow the pipes to be warmed by the air in the home. (If you are doing this step—PLEASE make sure that the items under the sink that are unsafe for children and your furry friends are REMOVED from the exposed area under the sink!) It is recommended that you keep the home at one temperature at all times of the day if possible to ensure that temperature changes do not aid the freezing of your pipes.       Whether this is your first year in your own home, or your 50th year in your own home, we want everyone to enjoy the winter and holiday season with their families. This should be a worry-free time of laughter, making memories, time spent with loved ones and engaging in all of your yearly traditions! We hope that you have been able to take away something helpful from this article that you can implement in your new Shurm Home!  

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Fall in love with Chesterfield...

FALL is upon us, and Chesterfield is buzzing with activities in and around the area that you and your family can participate in this Autumn to celebrate! Shurm Homes has found some of the most fun things that you can do in this fall after nestling into your new home in the highly-sought-after community of Pennwood Estates! 1.) Visit the Berry Farm! Take a trip down Hull Street Road and visit the Chesterfield Berry Farm for a fun-filled day with the whole family! With an 8 acre “dino maze,” funzone, barrel train ride, wagon train ride, fun hat mazes, fun hay slides, pig races, animal corral, paintball target shoot, & corn cannons, there is so much to do! After you have experienced everything the CBF has to offer, take a hayride to pick out your favorite pumpkins and gourds! With many different admission packages and tickets available, there really is something for everyone! Check out their website to stay up-to-date on all of their events and learn how to get tickets!     2.) Take An Apple-Picking Trip In The Mountains! Pack up the car and head to Charlottesville for a day full of apple-picking and apple donuts, because Cater Mountain is THE PLACE TO BE in the fall! There is so much to do for the whole family, with food, ciders and beers, apple cider slushies, gorgeous mountain views, space for kids to run, and of course, miles and miles of apple orchards where you can pick many different types of apples!   Visit their website to get more information about getting tickets— and don’t forget to clear up your camera space before you go for all of the fantastic photos you are going to take while you make memories with your family!       3.)Catch an Old Halloween Movie at the Byrd Theatre! In 1928, the Byrd Theatre opened its doors for the first time as a film-only venue in what is now known as Carytown in Richmond Virginia. It was viewed as an architectural masterpiece at the time, and still looks stunning today. Well into the 21st century the Byrd Theatre continues to be a Richmond staple.  In October, the Byrd has a line-up of Halloween Movies on schedule. Since the Byrd is a one-screen movie venue with a small lobby, please bring a jacket. It is customary to wait outside for the movie time since there is not enough room in the lobby to house everyone waiting for entry. You can find movie times and ticket information on their website!  For those who like the scarier side of the fall, the Byrd Theatre is known as one of the most haunted places in the city!     4.) Go To An Adults-Only Halloween Party! Many bars and restaurants have Halloween events, however if you are looking for a fun Adults-Only Costume party with live music and prizes, Uptown Alley’s “Boos and Brews” event is the place to be in Chesterfield. This is a 21+ party that will include indoor and outdoor bars, 2 live bands, and a Halloween costume contest with a $1,000 prize. This year, the event will take place Saturday, October 30th at 7pm! You can find more information about the event and how to get tickets on the event’s facebook page!     5.)Attend the Scott’s Addition Pumpkin Festival! Scott’s Addition is a popular place to head to on the weekend with its many breweries, cideries, and fun bars/restaurants for the entire family. On Saturday, October 16th the Scott’s Addition Pumpkin Festival will take place on Arthur Ashe Boulevard. This free-admission event includes live music, fall treats and food for sale, as well as beer from local breweries! There are even costume contests for kids, adults AND four-legged friends! Head over to the facebook page for the event for more information     6.) Head to the Botanical Gardens for the Harvest Fest! On Saturday, October 23rd from 9am- 9 pm and Sunday, October 24th from 9am-5pm, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens will be hosting their Harvest Fest. This 2-day event will have live music, adult beverages, food, and family-friendly activities. Whether you are watching the pumpkin-carving demonstration, building a Fairy House with fall materials, or even listening to “scary” stories, you are guaranteed to have a great time! Check out the event’s Facebook page for all the details!     7.) Experience the Richmond Folk Festival The Richmond Folk Festival is one of Richmond’s most popular events of the year! From October 8th-10th you can experience a wonderful celebration of music and culture with a whole line-up of performing artists! Bring a blanket, or even some chairs, and enjoy a showcase of talent and community. There is no cost of admission, but make sure that you bring some cash for beverages and YUMMY food! You can find information about the history of the festival, as well as the musical line-up on their website.                             There is nothing quite like the feeling of fall in the air, and we really hope that you now have some more events to add to your calendar! There is so much to do in the fall, but no matter what you plan on taking part in, please remember to be safe and have fun!

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Did someone say BASEMENT?!?!

What do you think of when you hear the word "basement?"  An extra space for the kids to play?  Additional storage for those items you just can't bare to part with?  A refuge from storms when they roll through?   The basements of your childhood have gotten a makeover!  Long gone are the dark, drab spaces where Kevin McAllister did his laundry.  Basements today are versatile and highly desired!  They are also something that you don't find in every community, so your house can really stand out.   Whether you want an additional hang out space for your family, a guest bedroom and bathroom, a virtual schooling space, or a theatre, we've got you covered with our basement homesites available in Pennwood Estates and Dispatch Station. To find out more about the private basement homesites available in our communities, or learn more about building a basement home on your own land, email or call 804-929-4297.

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Pennwood Estates | Section 1 Almost Sold Out | Shurm Homes

Wow, what a start!  With much anticipation surrounding our Grand Opening, we had a fantastic summer!  After opening for sales in mid-June, Pennwood Estates Section 1 is almost sold out! We have been overjoyed with the response and are so happy that we have been able to help so many wonderful buyers achieve their dreams! We love hearing the stories, the dreams, the wishes for our buyers new homes.  Our homeowners make up the fabric of the community, where strangers will become friends, meals will be shared, children will trick-or-treat, and memories will be made.     We have limited opportunities for those who want to be in the first section of Pennwood Estates.  In fact, since demand has been so great, we have released 2 more homesites for sale - 71 and 72.  These are prime for a walk out basement, with nothing but privacy in your back yard!  Only 4 homesites in Section 1 remain - all offering more space and privacy than other new home communities!   We are proud to be able to offer our homeowners a quality built home at a price they can afford, with more chances to personalize their home and create the vision for themselves and their families that they've always wanted.   To find out more about Pennwood Estates, or to sign up for our Section 2 VIP List, visit, or call 804-251-3530.

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